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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What is Vomoz?
Vomoz is a high quality, "GREEN" alternative to throwaway phone cards! For just pennies per minute, you can call your friends and family, anywhere in the world! You can save up to 90% on International calls when using Vomoz! You'll Never Buy a Phone Card Again!
How do I sign-up?
1) Click on the "Sign Up" tab.
2) Fill out your information.
3) And click the "Sign-Up Now" button to submit your registration.
How do I pay?
Login to your Vomoz's account and click on the "Buy Call Credits" tab.
How do I recharge my account?
There are two ways to recharge your Vomoz's account: Online and By Phone.

1) Online: Login in to your account and click on the "Buy Call Credits" tab.
2) By phone: Call one of the Vomoz's Access Numbers and press option 2.

Please Note: You must have made your first payment online and save your credit card information in order to use recharge-by-phone option.
What forms of payment are accepted?
We accept any credit/debit card that displays one of the following logos: VISA, MasterCard or Discover.
How do I know that my information is safe?
Our website runs on a HTTPS only. All transmission is tightly secured with the industry standard 128-bit SSL encryption technology.
Is my first call really free?
Yes! When you sign up as a new customer, your account is automatically credited with 50 cents call credit!
How soon can I place my first call?
Immediately as soon as you sign up. Using the phone number that you used during sign up, call one of the Vomoz's Access Numbers and start making calls. But for ultimate convenience, check out our Magico Numbers!!!
Can I really make an international call by dialing just a local number?
Absolutely! Please check out our Magico Numbers for more information.
PINLess Dialing
What is PINLess Dialing?
Pinless Dialing is a freedom! - You won’t have to enter Pin numbers to make an international call anymore! You can program up to 10 of your personal phone numbers, from which you can make international phone calls from without using a PIN number. For example, your 10 personal phone numbers could be your cell phone, home phone, your direct office number, etc. So, you can simply pick up your cell phone or home phone (or any of your preprogrammed phone numbers) and make an international call, without been prompted for a PIN number. And this is at no extra charge!!! Just for your utmost convenience!
How do I add/program my phone numbers to “My PINLess”?
Login to your Vomoz's account, click on “My PINLess” tab and register up to 10 of your personal phone numbers at no extra charge!
How many phone numbers can I add/program to "My PINLess"?
Up to 10 phone numbers.
How do I delete my phone number from "My PINLess"?
Click on “My PINLess” tab once you login into your Vomoz's account and delete the specified phone number of your choice.
What are Magico numbers?
Have you ever put off making an international phone call because you have to dial unfriendly long numbers? Do you carry phonebooks or papers to write down the long phone numbers of your loved ones before you can call them? Have you ever sighed under your breath because you have to keep redialing these long unfriendly thousand digits because the call did not go through? Well stop wasting time! Stop getting frustrated and let Magico numbers do all the Magic, we mean work, for you!

Magico numbers are U.S local numbers that you can assign to your international contacts. Once you have your Magico numbers assigned, you can simply call your friends and family internationally by dialing their respective assigned Magico numbers. Magico numbers do all the work for you!!!
How do I assign Magico numbers to my International contacts?
Login to your Vomoz's account. Click on the "Magico Numbers" tab, pick a local number from the drop down menu, type in your international contact phone number, assign a nickname and then click on the "Assign" button.
How many Magico numbers do I have?
You have up to 350 Magico numbers.
Can I re-use my Magico numbers?
Yes! Login into your Vomoz's account, click on the "Magico Numbers" tab. Delete any unused Magico numbers. The deleted Magico numbers will be available for usage instantly.
Is it possible to use my Magico numbers from both my Cell and Home phones?
Absolutely! Simply login to your Vomoz's account, click on the “My PINLess” tab and add both your cell and home phone numbers.
The Magico numbers are not local to my city!
Most cell phones have the capability to make long distance calls as regular calls. Also, long distance calls are disappearing on home phones. If this is applicable to you, you can use the Magico numbers. However, please use one of the Vomoz's Access Numbers to make your international calls.
Your current 50 Magico numbers are not enough for me...I need more!
We understand that you have a lot of international contacts. We are working to bring you more Magico numbers in the nearest future. Please be aware that you can recycle your Magico numbers. Please see one of the FAQs above.
What is Flash-Me-Credit?
Flash-Me-Credit is a fantastic feature that enables you to transfer or share your call credit, as low as $2.00, to your friends and family. Your friend will receive a text message on their cell phone with the instructions on how to use their new call credit. It is not necessary for your friend to have a Vomoz's account to receive the flashed credit.
How much can I flash/transfer to my loved ones?
As little as $2.00, but no maximum.As long as you have sufficient call credit on your account.
Does my receiver needs to register on Vomoz?
No, your receiver does not need to register with Vomoz to use the transferred/flashed call credit.
I flashed/transferred credit to a wrong number?
Quickly send an e-mail to and state the problem. Please, include your telephone number, the amount transferred and the phone number you mistakenly transferred the credit to. The credit will be refunded to you if the credit has not been used.

Please Note: If the phone number you mistakenly transferred call credit to, is an existing Vomoz's customer, we will be unable to process a refund!
Is there any transaction fee associated with Flash-Me-Credit?
Can I transfer/flash call credit to a home phone number?
Yes! You will have to give the recipient one of the Vomoz's Access Numbers to make their calls.
My recipient did not receive a confirmation text message for the call credit I flashed!
No problem! Just furnish your recipient with one of the Vomoz's Access Numbers to use their call credit.
I flashed/transferred $5.00 to my friend; can my friend flash a portion of their call credit to someone else?
Absolutely Yes! There are no restrictions on Flash-Me-Credit, as long as there is available credit.
Does my recipients flashed/transferred call credit ever expire?
What happens to the previous call credit balance, when I flash/transfer a new call credit amount to my friend?
The call credit amount gets compounded. Meaning, if your friend had a previous balance of $2.00, and you transfer a new amount of $3.00. Your friend now has a total of $5.00 call credit!
Can I flash/transfer call credit to anyone or any phone number in the world?
No! Currently, we only support U.S and Canadian phone numbers at this time.
Is there a history of those I have flashed call credit to and vice versa?
Yes! Login into your Vomoz's account and click on the "Flash-Me-Credit" tab to view your history.
What is MyCallsFollowMe?
MyCallsFollowMe is a call forward service that allows you to forward your U.S phone number (Cell, Home or Work) to any international phone number without paying expensive international roaming charges to your telephone company!
How much is MyCallsFollowMe?
$9.99 USD per month!
Is there a setup fee for MyCallsFollowMe?
Is there a cancellation fee for MyCallsFollowMe?
Can I cancel MyCallsFollowMe at anytime?
What is the billing cycle of MyCallsFollowMe?
Our billing cycle is a 30-day billing period. It starts on the day you activated your "MyCallsFollowMe" service.

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